Bar Refaeli

The Academy salutes Bar Refaeli for continuing to melt cameras around the world. Some of you might've seen her in the cologne ads or commercials for Sean John. Away from that, she's pretty much everywhere supermodels are, doing the damn thing! Get hip..

What up, Bar? Keep snappin' necks, we appreciate it.



Throwback Classic: Mecca & The Soul Brother

Now, you can claim to be Hip Hop if you want to. But if you don't have this album in your collection, you're not Hip Hop, and you know it, lol!

Pete Rock was always one of my favorite producers, so when him and C.L. parted ways, it was a sad day for cats like me. Groups are rare these days, but when they weren't, we had groups like Pete and C.L. hittin' us with nothin' but classic after classic. This album is a must own, and we're not in a sharin' mood today, so there's no link for this one, lol. If you don't own this, you'll have to go find it somewhere else or spend that bread, to support this gem. While you're at it, go check out their follow-up album, The Main Ingredient (1994) too, that's another classic there. It's only right..

Shoutout to Pete, C.L., Eddie F, Heavy D, the original Young Guns crew, Deda and INI.




Classic Music: The Eraser

Do yourself a favor, and pick up a copy of Thom Yorke's album, The Eraser.

We always try to put people up on music that they might not own, but should, lol. This album is no different, it's just one of those cool out albums, that you can just zone out to. The vibe is great for this time of year, but this should be bumped all year round.

It dropped a couple of years ago, but it's never too late to take in an album that you might have overlooked before. A lot of people have already copped it, but for those of you that haven't, you should really peep this release. You'll be happy that you did.


Victoria Beckham

I just saw a few of the shots from this shoot. People talk swagger, but you won't see too many ladies that can top the swag' of Victoria Beckham.

We @ Antlife Academy salute her freshness, and wanted to show respect for this new shoot for Armani. Peep the pics..
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