Fly Season: Nike NFW Marty McFly

"Roads...where we're goin, we don't need roads!"

Yes, folkers!! We're back to the future again, with the new "Marty McFly" editions from Nike. If you're familiar with the films, then you know what's up with these, and you know that you MUST own them!!

I was a huge fan of the movies, so it's only natural that I make a few calls, so I can get my hands on a pair of these. I will update you all with how my search went. But until then, we salute Nike for reppin' these and hookin' up all the BTTF fans with this dopeness!!

The shoe comes in a grey base, speckled midsole, light blue highlights and pink accents. Instead of the standard flywire technology, the mid-section is constructed from a flexible satin material.

Glow in the dark is implemented on the sole, while the swoosh is a white patent leather.

Yeah, that's right!! 1..

Models and Freshness: Scarlett Johansson "Au Naturel" French Elle

It's only right..

Y'all know we love Scarlett, so once again we salute another one of her many shoots. This one is for French Elle magazine, it's "Au Naturel" campaign. Ya gotta love it, ya just gotta.

'Nuff said! 1..


Fly Season: Nike Auto Force Black/White Colorway

Yeah, I'm still showin' love to The Swoosh!!

These sneakers are expected to be a Holiday 2009 release, accompanied by a variety of other colorways includin' an Olympic version, originally seen on the Air Force 180.

I'm kinda feelin' these, reminds me of the old Delta's from the late 80's. Get yours!!


Dopeness: Pharrell Custom Bape X Casio G-Shock DW-6900

I know, I know..

There's no other way to categorize this one, other than DOPE!!

Now, for the record, I actually have the same watch, but without all the ice drippage. LOL! This watch makes my piece look like a friendship bracelet, and that's why I'm diggin' it. You gotta love customization when it's done well, as in this case.

Based on a Bape collaboration DW-6900, the watch is encrusted in gold while the G-Shock logo on the top of the face is left in rainbow colors.

Respect to Skateboard on this one, he got this one off crazy!!


Fly Season: Play Cloths '09 Spring/Summer Collection

That's right!!

Play Cloths presents new apparel for Summer 2009. This latest arrangement offers t-shirts, a polo, cut-and-sew button-down, and full print shorts.

Much respect to the whole team over at Play Cloths, mainly Pusha & Mal'. They got some really fresh gear comin' out for the Summer, with these pieces bein' just a couple of many new things poppin' over there.

Hit the official site @ http://playcloths.com/, or if you're in NYC, check out West for all your Play Cloths needs. I always do..


Dopeness: Bandai X Medicom Toy Bearbrick Chogokin 200% Black


Just more dopeness for the toy collectors out there!!

Releasing in July of 2009 is MEDICOM TOY and Bandai’s follow-up Chogokin-style Bearbrick. Originally conceived in white, this black version comes in at a relatively rare 200% size. The die-cast Bearbrick will be debuted at the upcoming MEDICOM TOY EXHIBITION 09 that takes place this month.

Very cool right there. I'm thinkin' about coppin', mostly due to the color. The "@" on the front of the Bearbrick didn't hurt matter either. AHA!!


Fly Season: Adidas' Jeremy Scott (3 Tongues)

What up, folkers??

We were on a small hiatus, but now we're back in full swing. We got all kinds of new freshness to throw your way, so let's start with this week's hottest pair o' kicks!!

Not too long ago, we were one of the first blogs (really..) to debut the JS Wings from Adidas. Well, after only a few months we have yet another ridiculously hot pair of SJ-designed kicks from Adidas for you fellow sneaker fiends.

He’s done it again! Leave it to the crazy design work of Jeremy Scott to outdo the infamous "Wings Attitude" design of last season. The standout silhouette of the new collection is the hyper-hyped triple tongue high-top, giving this bumble-bee banger three times the sting! You can try and cop your slice of trifle this August for a mere €220!

Wow, now that's a helluva comeback. Get yours, people!!

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