Architecture: The Chevron House by Andy Martin Architects

London-based practice Andy Martin Architects has recently completed the Chevron House, a project that transformed an existing Edwardian House into a new 5 bedroom family house in a creative suburb of West London. Inspired by the architecture of the existing elegantly proportioned spaces, the design sets out to exaggerate, by scaling the space by removing walls, and attaching new space to create a large Edwardian warehouse on each of the three levels.
The ground floor, the public level is essentially one space which is divided only by the use of colour and material. On the second and third levels, the private floors, bedrooms merge into bathrooms and visa versa.

Dopeness: 1/6 Limited Edition Real Masterpiece: Michael Jordan (Series 1 I’m Back!) by ENTERBAY

Approaching the 17th anniversary of Michael Jordan’s first return from retirement, high-end figurine manufacturer ENTERBAY gears up to release a lifelike Michael Jordan action figure adorning the infamous “45″ jersey. From its Real Masterpiece series – focusing on world famous characters and celebrities with incredible likeness and accuracy into 1/6 Scale – this hand-painted drop features a newly developed body with 30 points of articulation, the exact same outfit he worn in his return game and a slew of additional accessories from a Chicago Bulls warmup suit to replacement hands. 
In addition to supplying the photography, camera maker Nikon will also give away 2 figurines on February 4 through its Facebook page. Be one the lookout for additional NBA superstars being produced by ENTERBAY and if you’re in the Hong Kong area the Woodhouse will be hosting an exhibit that includes this release as well as sneaker models I to XX8, a few jerseys and much more.
Stay tunington..

Fly Season: SSUR and CLOT present GUTTER STORE

SSUR is slated to present a special pop-up store with CLOT in JUICE Tsim Sha Tsui from February 3, 2013 to March 3, 2013. Certainly playing to Hong Kong’s highly diverse fan base, there’s bound to be something for everyone.
The locals always show love to themes and that definitely will be seen in the special promotional “star” products, items that go on sale for particular days over the course of the pop-up shop that will appeal to different crowds. For example, those into Bearbricks can find exclusives on Bearbrick Express Day.
In addition to some of the tees pictured, other items you can expect to find include GUTTER STORE exclusives such as new colorways of COMME des FUCKDOWN, Channel Zero, SSUR apparel and other mash-ups between CLOT and SSUR. As a timely add-on to purchases, shoppers will also receive a red CLOT x SSUR Chinese New Year envelope with special stickers inside.
Fans of SSUR’s artwork can also look forward to signed artwork by Russ himself during the first three days of the shop. Those that do so will also get a special invitation to the after party on the same night with Russ and CLOT directors Edison Chen and Kevin Poon.
Shop 11,18-20, Woodhouse, 36-44 Nathan Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon,
Hong Kong



Top Shelf: Mini Presents The Clubman Bond Street

Premiering at the Geneva Motor Show in March is the Mini Clubman Bond Street by Mini. Like other Minis inspired by London landmarks, the Clubman Bond Street fuses a primary color with a polished contrasting color. This time around the car features a Midnight Black Metallic for the base while a Cool Champagne accents the roof, mirror caps, and trim rings on the 17-inch alloy wheels.
Production will start after its debut with prices ranging from $31,961 to $37,918 depending on specifications. Take a look at the vehicle above and stay tuned for more news regarding the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

Kicks Flow: New Balance M574 REVlite

The return..

Some things are just undeniable. And us here at AA couldn’t fight the flyness of these, so please forgive us in advance for the love we’re about to show again. Relatively new to the realm of hybrid sneaker models, New Balance looks to enhance an iconic silhouette with technical superiority through the release of the M574 REVlite

Originally introduced in 1988, the mainstay M574 has seen countless iterations over the years, however rarely has its core construction been tampered with, until now. This production adds the innovative REVlite midsole which provides premium responsiveness and durability with 30% less weight than other foam cushioning systems with comparable performance. With additional details that include a solid rubber outsole and leather upper, the navy M574 is currently available here for $75 USD.

Get yours..


Classic Music: Antlife's Top 25 Hip Hop Albums of All-Time #10 (EPMD "Business as Usual") (1990)


I should probably start off by sayin’ that EPMD is one of my favorite two groups of all-time! Their first 4 albums were flawless to me, and I could easily play them all back to back without skippin’ a single track. They really did embody everything that was incredibly dope about Hip Hop, and they seriously raised my standard for what to expect from a classic album. Not many artists or groups can have 4 classic albums in a row. That’s not up for debate either. EPMD’s first 4 albums are classics! They came around during a time when I was first starting to discover how much I loved Hip Hop, as a kid. So what I gravitated to first, were the beats. And Erick Sermon is easily one of Hip Hop’s best producers of all-time. So his tracks for the group were not necessarily sampling the most rare records in the world, but the way his beats knocked, was just crazy! EPMD had the best bass lines in the game back then! And I was too young to even know what a bass line was. 

With so many dope albums, it’s tough to single out just one. But Business as Usual is my favorite EPMD album for a few reasons. The first one being that, this is where I heard Redman for the first time. He was on the tracks “Hardcore” and “Brothers on my Jock”. I knew right away that he was a special MC, and he’d end up being my favorite for many years after this album dropped. This album also had “Rampage” which had LL on it. And his verse on that track might be his dopest ever! And we all know he’s got tons of classic verses. This release showed another side of the group, that I don’t think we saw on the first couple of albums, their sense of humor. They experimented with flows and beats way more than before, like on “Rap is Outta Control”, or even on “I’m Mad”. They even touched on chicks on the original version of “Gold Digger”, which Kanye would revamp 15 years later. 

There were just so many classic cuts on this album. They seriously made sure to keep the quality sky-high on this one, and I think it’s shown in how timeless this joint really is. Since then, so many artists have sampled beats from this one, there’s been tons of remakes of the songs, etc. We often forget how influential Erick and Parrish really were. But if you just dig back into those old classics, you’ll see how fortunate we were back then, to have been in a generation of kids, lucky enough to have grown up with this kind of music readily available to us. If this album isn’t in your collection already, you’re playin’ yourself and need to change that immediately.





Top Shelf: Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Concept


Carbon fiber is making its way into everything “super” and “hyper” these days, so it comes as no shock that Lamborghini is applying the lightweight material to its latest concept car.  The Sesto Elemento concept weighs in at just 2,202 lbs (999 kg) and comes equipped with a V10 power unit and permanent all wheel drive. 
Further impressive stats include a ranch that houses 570 horses and that bring the beast from 0 – 62 mph in just 2.5 seconds. What’s more is the savings in fuel consumption thanks to the lightweight engineered used throughout.
The Sesto Elemento comes on the heels of the Italian sports car manufacturers 50th anniversary and hints at the legendary company’s future.


Kicks Flow: New Balance - Windbreaker Pack

No jokin’..
Windbreakers have it rough; too lightweight to be an everyday jacket, too specialized to warrant too much attention since its neon heydays back in the ’80′s, and built to block the bite of a cold wind or a passing rain storm. That is, until New Balance decided to enter the fray, drawing inspiration from the jacket to produce a three-part collection that definitely deserves your attention. 

Built with a primarily textured nylon  upper just like its namesake (but without the usual swooshing sound), this take on the 574 comes in either a Red/Gray, Blue/Black, or Grey/Orange/Blue colorway with leather accents and reflective 3M strips around the collar. Available now from select retailers, including Caliroots’ Six Feet Down for approximately $120 USD. Crazy props to Caliroots for the pics! Incredible work was done there..

Get yours..


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