Random Shouts: Dollar Teddy Bear

Some stuff's just too ill, for words..

This is a teddy bear, made solely from dollar bills. It's made by Johnny Swing, and is probably one of the coolest gifts you could hit somebody with this year, considerin' the recession and all that.

"Cuddly consolation for a bear market: We're in love with this teddy bear, and it's not just because of the money." The bear is sewn entirely out of genuine U.S. dollar bills. No eyes, no mouth, just old dollar bills. Featuring a zipper for stuffing, and is suitable for retrofitting with crushed dollar bills (or perhaps Euros) for the ultimate gift. 12" tall.
Pretty damn ill, pretty damn ill..


Models and Freshness: Chelina Manuhutu

Props to the homie Sheez', on the pic lookout.

What up, folkers? This is Chelina Manuhutu, she's a Dutch model who's pretty new to us, over here at AA. But we like to spread that love and salute who we feel deserves it anyway. She's in a girl group called Dare, who recently released the single 'Chihuahua' for a Coca Cola commercial.

If that track happens to run across the AA desks at anytime, we'll be sure to put that up, for those curious to hear it. Either way, look for Chelina to be everywhere soon, as we hear she's slated to be doin' a ton more TV and print work.


Scarlett Johansson: Vogue Paris

Just some cool photography for y'all.

These are a couple of the pics, featuring actress Scarlett Johansson, from the April '09 issue of Vogue Paris. She's also the covergirl for the issue. Photography was knocked out by Mario Sorrenti, with the stylist work done by Carine Roitfeld. Pretty cool, I must say..


Dopeness: 1934 BMW R7

We all love Beamers, but ain't too many cats seen this one yet.

Inspiration was buried away, along with some innovative and visually stunning design work. Skip ahead to 2005 when some curious members of BMW Classic opened a box and found the R7 bike 75 assembled - although not in shining condition. The engine was corroded, the metalwork was in dire shape, the battery was unusable, but the opportunity for restoration could not be ignored.

Now, I don't know about y'all. But if they start pushin' these into dealerships (especially in limited quantity), we might have to all camp out and drop college tuition on one of these, lol. Respect to BMW, for noticin' sickness when they see it.


Dopeness: Omega 2009 Ploprof Diver

Y'all know how we do, nothin' but the dopest and flyest!

The weather's gettin' nicer in the city, so that means watch season is in full swing right now. Peep this new piece from Omega.

Originally developed in collaboration with Jacques Cousteau in the 70s, Omega is re-releasing the Ploprof Diver, a watch capable of withstanding depths of up to 2000ft. This year the 2009 Ploprof Diver will feature a Co-axial Caliber 8500 movement, push-button lock bezel, and a water resistance of up to 4000ft. Cop one if you see it. SICKNESS!!



The Cool: Marvin Gaye

On What would have been his 70th birthday we celebrate the life of the late great Marvin Gaye. Anybody that knows me knows that Marvin Gaye is in my opinion the greatest soul singer of our time. Gone too soon his music still influences artists till this day.
Marvin Gaye was not just a singer, he was a writer and an activist. Someone who cared deeply about the changes the world was going thru, heard in songs like "What's going on?"
Everyone is going green now but Marvin was first to talk about what we we're doing to our planet.
We miss you Marvin! A true legend. Peace

Lookin' Kinda Aight: Star Trek

Yeah, I confess...I'ma old school Trekkie, lol.

Been one since back in the day, so you know my purist view was a lil' rattled when I heard they were workin' on a new Star Trek movie. I complained about it for months, 'cause I wasn't much of a fan of all the other TV versions after the OG version. Ok, ok, I watched like the first 2 seasons of The Next Generation, but after that, my relationship with Star Trek was over.

This new version is supposed to be based on Captain Kirk's early days, so that's a pretty cool angle, as I see it. I wouldn't mind seein' a lil' prequel, since I was such a fan of the original show (which reminds me, that I need to get those on DVD). Yeah, so the director of the film is JJ Abrams, this is the Lost and Cloverfield guy. He also did Alias, which was my sh*t for about 3-4 seasons too. So hopefully, when this flick drops, it won't be a waste of $40. Gotta cop those movie nachos, lol. The trailer's fire, so the movie should be too. Run out and support this one, when it drops on May 8th. Leave that bootleg alone!

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