The Cool: Miles Davis

If you know me, you know what's up with how I feel about Miles Davis.

So it's only right (and probably predictable), that we salute this musical legend. What was cool about Miles, was that he never compromised who he was, to please anybody, especially his so-called critics. This was a cat who came from a family who were considerably wealthy, yet-he still decided to give his early life to learning how to play the blues. He was passionate for the right reasons, and he didn't bite his tongue, whether he was right or wrong.

There was an integrity in Miles Davis, that we really don't see in music anymore. He was definitely a proud man, but he wasn't against changing with the times or learning somethin' new. I personally own pretty much every piece of music he's released, or that's been released in his name. If you're a music lover, Jazz should feel more natural to you, than any other genre. It's history for your ear, and when you know the music's TRUE history, you can really appreciate what this music does to you.

What Miles did, not only for music and Jazz, but for other musician's careers, was incredible. And we should always support the efforts of legends like Miles Davis, as if those old albums just dropped today. Do yourself a favor and run out and cop his autobiography for a more detailed look at the man. It's called Miles, and it's one of the best and most educational reads, in regard to music, you'll probably ever peep. We salute the man, and you should too.


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