Lookin' Kinda Aight: Star Trek

Yeah, I confess...I'ma old school Trekkie, lol.

Been one since back in the day, so you know my purist view was a lil' rattled when I heard they were workin' on a new Star Trek movie. I complained about it for months, 'cause I wasn't much of a fan of all the other TV versions after the OG version. Ok, ok, I watched like the first 2 seasons of The Next Generation, but after that, my relationship with Star Trek was over.

This new version is supposed to be based on Captain Kirk's early days, so that's a pretty cool angle, as I see it. I wouldn't mind seein' a lil' prequel, since I was such a fan of the original show (which reminds me, that I need to get those on DVD). Yeah, so the director of the film is JJ Abrams, this is the Lost and Cloverfield guy. He also did Alias, which was my sh*t for about 3-4 seasons too. So hopefully, when this flick drops, it won't be a waste of $40. Gotta cop those movie nachos, lol. The trailer's fire, so the movie should be too. Run out and support this one, when it drops on May 8th. Leave that bootleg alone!


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