Fly Season: How WE Do (Military Peacoat)


We're not stylists, by any means, lol. But that doesn't mean that we have a problem showin' y'all how WE do things. So this may be a "Fly Season" post, but it's the first of many to come, where we kinda show you what we dig and how we'd throw it together. Peep game..

There's nothin' more timeless than a good quality military peacoat. We dig the simplicity, but we also like that you can go either casual or slightly more dressy, when rockin' one. You can flip the collar, if that's your thing, or just let it chill. Either way, it's a sure good look, and if you freak the under layers right, you'll always look dip' in it. The one above is from Nautica, and it goes for around $385.

Check out that sweater underneath! That's from Tretorn, and that retails for about $168. Nothin' too crazy, any cool wool or cotton sweater with a nice neckline will do just fine, either circular or v-neck. Step your jeans up too, 'cause if the jeans don't flow with the other pieces, you'll be lookin' a lil' "sale-rackish", and you don't want that, lol. The jeans on our example above are from APC, and they run for around $155, not bad at all.

See, folks, simple always wins. When you're try'na do too much, it's gonna look like you're try'na do too much. So keep it basic, but fresh at the same time. We'll holla..


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