Top Shelf: Aston Martin – 2011 Aston Martin GT4

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Aston Martin keeps a pretty spectacular balance between performance and luxury. The undeniably English-bred automaker somehow maintains a sense of gentility, even as it turns out more and more G-Force capable vehicles. If, in recent years, Aston’s marquee vehicles (like the One 77) have targeted the Londongrad oligarch set, the automaker is still catering to those who want a stronger racing streak in their conspicuous luxury, with it’s GT4. For 2011, the GT4 keeps the familiar Vantage influence; though the V12 version is the inspiration for the updated racer; it also gets a re-mapped computer, offering more power and torque, plus aerodynamic upgrades that provide brutal downforce.

In it’s several years of production, the Vantage GT4 has been one of the most successful cars in it’s class, in terms of both sales and race results – evidence of how brutal it’s power is, and how beautifully that power is carried in the Aston body. The 2011 GT4 is slated to appear in a number of races, including the Challenge of Great Britain, and it’s very own European GT4 Cup. And while there is no word on pricing or availability yet, some sort of limited release of the GT4 for road use would not be surprising – millionaires do tend to get the cars they want.

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