Top Shelf: BUGATTI 16C Galibier 4-Door Concept

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Many die-hard fans called its creation “blasphemous”, yet, the Porsche Panamera sedan andCayenne SUV are among the company’s best selling models. Little surprise other luxury vehicle manufacturers are following Porsche‘s footsteps in the face of changing market needs. But joining the ranks is a very unlikely candidate, BUGATTI, maker of one of the most expensive (and fastest) street-legal vehicle in the world. According, and very fittingly, to Bloomberg News, BUGATTI, along with its parent company Volkswagen, are looking at feasibility plans to bring the BUGATTI C16 Galibier 4-Door Concept into production.

Named after a version of the famed BUGATTI Type 57 and the cardiac arrest inducing Alpine stage on Tour de France, the BUGATTI 16C Galibier is a 16-cylinder powered hulk of a machine, which easily turn out more than 1,000-horsepower. Similar to the concept vehicle debut during the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, the utmost luxurious appointments will be provided, including a matching luggage set. The downside, the buyer’s offshore bank accounts will suffer “death-by-a-thousand-cuts”, or in this case, make that 1.4 million cuts.

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