Dopeness: An Inside Look At Nike CEO Mark Parker’s Office

A lot o' dopeness goin' on here!!

Speculation is often thrown around about what kind of hidden gems are lurking at the campus in Beaverton, OR. This inside look at CEO Mark Parker’s office should give you a give idea of just what sort of crazy memorabilia and history is housed at the headquarters. Parker’s office is jam packed with a frenzied collection of art and shoes that manifests all of the various influences and iterations of the lineage.

Unreleased samples, one off promo materials, and classic models are found in the various nooks of the room alongside sculptures and scraps of the story. This baffling gallery of photos really shows how much the business heads at stay grounded in the company’s roots of innovative design. Continue reading to take a look at the rest of this photo set, and then head over to Whitewall to read their interview with Mark Parker.



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