Classic Music: Antlife's Top 25 Hip Hop Albums of All-Time #22 (Gangstarr "Hard To Earn") (1994)

Y’all know what it is!!

Greatness just can’t be duplicated. And durin’ an era where Hip Hop duos were pretty common, one kinda stood out more than the others, and that was Gangstarr. They had a few classic albums, but the album, in my opinion, that really cemented them as all-time greats, was Hard To Earn. This album dropped when Nas, Wu-Tang, Snoop and Dr. Dre were at their peak in popularity, but it still knocked hard from start to finish. If you know me, you know I swear by Premo’s production, and I’ve always said that he’s in my Top 2 producers of all-time, right behind Dre. Nobody sounded better over Preme’s production than Guru, and their chemistry birthed so many classic cuts, it’s ridiculous to even start in tryin’ to name them all.

I honestly STILL listen to this album from start to finish. That’s how perfect I think it is. My favorite tracks have always been “Suckas Need Bodguards”, “F.A.L.A.”, Now You’re Mine”, “ALONGWAYTOGO”, “Code Of The Streets”, “Mass Appeal”, “DWYCK”, “Speak Ya Clout”, and “Words From The Nutcracker”. Even the Intro was dope, and Guru was just talkin’ on it!! This is one of those classics that needs to be in your collection. Gangstarr really raised the bar on what a group album should sound like. We need more cats like them in the game today, and this album should definitely be seen as the blueprint on how to get the job done right.

Cop this classic if you don’t have it.



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