Classic Music: Antlife's Top 25 Hip Hop Albums of All-Time #18 (Special Ed "Youngest in Charge") (1989)

Another day, another classic..

Classic albums don’t drop the way they used to, and even though I was only a kid in 1989, I was definitely aware of ALL the dope music that was bein’ released back then. Being able to narrow down a complete list of classic albums that influenced you is not the easiest task in the world, to say the least, but it’s rewarding to see albums that shaped your ear and how you create today, as a complete list of influence. Special Ed’s Youngest in Charge album was one of those albums that really acted as a blueprint for me, when I first started writin’. This was an album that I would always dig up and listen to, just to get inspired by. Not only is this album timeless, but it’s an LP that shows that keepin’ it simple is sometimes the most effective way to make music.

There weren’t a ton of guest appearances on the album, or over the top lyrics, just basic dope beats and dope rhymes to along with them. It was an album made by a teenager, who aspired to have the finer things in life, without the need for vulgar or violent lyrics. As a kid listenin’ to this, you could easily look up to Ed and be comfortable in knowin’ that he wasn’t sayin’ anything that you had to hide from your parents. It was just good ol’ fashioned classic Hip Hop music that anybody could’ve enjoyed. What we call “swag” today, could be found all over this debut album, and my personal favorites like “Think About It”, “I’m The Magnificent”, “Taxing” & “I Got It Made” were full of bravado and skill. This is an album that you MUST own, and if you don’t, you should definitely change that.



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