Classic Music: Antlife's Top 25 Hip Hop Albums of All-Time #16 (Dr. Dre "The Chronic") (1991)

Hell yeah..

People talk game changers all day, but I’m not sure that there’s an album out there, that’s changed the landscape of Hip Hop music more than The Chronic did. This album seriously ended many careers. And not because it was full of beef tracks or cuts where numerous MC’s were gettin’ dissed, but because it’s influence and vibe were so potent that half of Hip Hop either quit or tried to emulate what Dre did on this album. Many failed.

What you got in this classic album was flawless production from start to finish, and several young, very hungry MC’s like Snoop, Kurupt, Daz, RBX and The Lady of Rage, who really dropped some memorable verses on here. Truthfully speakin’, this album never gets old. It was Dre’s return to the spotlight, under a new label (Death Row), with a new crew (DPG), and he really claimed the throne immediately, and never really gave it back.

People say it’s a “West Coast classic”, but I’d say it’s just a “Hip Hop classic” altogether. You really can’t regionalize this album, it’s way too powerful and expansive for that. As we get closer to #1, it’s harder to list which tracks are favorites, ‘cause there’s way too many. It shouldn’t matter anyway, because you should already own this album. And if you don’t, I’m sure you’ll catch up sooner or later and get with the program, by coppin’ it.



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