Dopeness: Nigel Sylvester in Gumball 3000


When you have a fleet of exotic cars to keep you at pace, its no mere road trip across the U.S. With “Sea to Shining Sea” as this year’s theme, the 14th edition of Gumball 3000 kicked off in New York City on May 31st. Tagged along for this voyage like no other was Nigel Sylvester, and while a globe-trotter already on his various BMX tour, Sylvester was still a first time Gumballer who took in the scenes from this journey of a lifetime. 

From his sent-off at NYC’s Times Square by “Big Brother” DJ Clark Kent, a brief chase of Mercedes SLS AMG on his trusted steed, to excursions at Indy 500, the Grand Canyon, and finally the literal crossing of the finishing line in Los Angeles, each of Sylvester’s moments in the race captures on film and photos by Nike Sportswear. Check out the various stops on Sylvester’s tour across the nation and his upcoming video, No Regrets.

Peep the teaser below:


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