Architecture: Zgharta House by platau


We get emails all the time asking why we’ve slowed down with posting the homes for the Architecture label, and the answer is usually just that we haven’t seen enough coolness to share with everyone. This has always been one of the more popular sections of the blog, but quietly. So we’ve been working hard to find properties that we think everyone would enjoy and share themselves. We definitely want to keep the quantity looking right, but also want to make sure that the quality is always there as well. The feedback we’ve gotten is great, and we’re working toward bringing way more homes to the site. With that said, let’s start with today’s. 

platau architects have created a stone-encased residence in the town of Zgharta, North Lebanon. Situated in a Mediterranean olive grove, the home enjoys an uninhibited view of the agrarian plain and surrounding mountains thanks to its inclined standpoint. 

Playing on the topographical contours of the landscape, the Zgharta house is divided into two, L-shaped horizontal levels: the lower one comprises the sleeping quarters, while the upper one is dedicated to the main living areas, which include a kitchen and dining area.



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