Kicks Flow: Nike Cortez '72


If you’ve been dropping by long enough, you know we love vintage kicks. Anything from back in the day that can still be rocked freshly, always wins with us. Brand rarely matters, but a classic look and some level of comfortability, and we’re good to go. Let’s take it back for a second. 

The Nike Cortez ’72 has finally hit stores again after a long hiatus. Born, bred, and designed to be as comfortable as it is durable, the Nike Cortez has roots deep into the streetwear culture, offering up a versatile appearance that easily spans generations. Arriving again in its original Bill Bowerman colorway with crisp white leather, a stunning varsity red Swoosh, and a herringbone outsole, it doesn’t get any doper than this.

I’ve had a million pairs of these, and they never get old. We’ll be rocking these forever. If you’re a Nike head or just into classic kicks, this is one that should definitely be in the collection somewhere. It’s getting a little colder out now, but you still have time to get a few wears in before you put them on ice. These are available now, so make sure to cop before they vanish again.

Get yours..


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