Tech & Toys: Pigalle x Beats by Dre - Studio Wireless Headphones


Headphones truly are a way of life, for me anyway. I haven’t left the house since I was 13, without a pair of headphones on me (no, seriously). There’s something very dope about being able to zone-out with your favorite music whenever you want to. We went from carrying tons of cassettes in our backpacks, to lugging CD’s around, and then finally got blessed with the ability to walk around with gigs of music on us, with the iPod (probably my favorite invention of the past couple decades). 

So your headphones have to be on point. And trust me, I have tried every brand. I picked up my first pair of Beats from an Apple Store back in 2010, and never looked back. Sure, I like some other brands, but for a Hip Hop, Rock and Jazz head such as myself, nothing sounds quite like what I’ve been able to get out of my collection of Beats headphones. 

Beats By Dr. Dre and Pigalle have come together to create a limited edition Beats Studio Wireless headphone. Drawing inspiration from the Parisian neighborhood Stephane Ashpool calls home, the sleek white marks against a glossy black finish symbolize the passing of time and the evolution of Ashpool’s beloved community.

Featuring 30 foot range, dual-mode adaptive noise canceling, iconic Beats sound, and 12-hour rechargeable battery, the limited edition Pigalle Studio Wireless headphones are now available for $449.95 USD.

Get yours..


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