Kicks Flow: hummel & Par5Milano - Marathona Par5

The AA crew plays enough poker for a few gambling teams combined. Strategy and timing, all you need to play a good hand. Maybe a little luck on the side wouldn’t hurt either. And if you’re a fan of poker, or just an everyday sneaker-head, you’ll probably enjoy these kicks too. 

hummel and Italian retailer Par5Milano have joined together to create a new sneaker which pays tribute to the ace playing card. Once representing the lowest value of the deck, the ace has developed into a symbol of power and strength and currently assumes the highest value out of the traditional 52 card deck. 

Par5Milano and hummel aimed to reflect this, along with a little Italian swagger, in their first collaboration. The result sees the classic Marathona silhouette recreated using premium materials, including high quality suede in shades of beige and green, and a gum sole. The custom box packaging doubles as an actual card game table, and inside of the box you’ll also find a deck of “Poker San Siro” cards, created and produced by Dal Negro.

The sneaker is available now at Par5 Milano stores and online. The collaboration will also be available at select retailers including Mita, Hanon, Overkill, Afew, Black Rainbow, Footpatrol and others.


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