Kicks Flow: Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite

We don’t pretend to be something we’re not on AA. Truth be told, sometimes we’ll post a shoe just because we think it looks cool. And we’ll tell you that. But mostly, we try to highlight kicks that cover both style, functionality and comfort. We’re runners, so if you’ve been with us for a few years, you know we always show love to running shoes. It’s kind of our thing. And today, we think we have one that may change history. 

The people at Nike are at it again. This time, in their moonshot quest to enable a sub two-hour marathon time, the company has developed the Nike Zoom Vapor Elite, a concept shoe individually-tuned for each athlete. 

What sets the shoe apart is the utilization of completely reimagined materials from decades of racing footwear, but each is used more intelligently, and more purposefully, than ever before. A principal component takes the form of a Nike ZoomX midsole, lighter, softer and more responsive than traditional foams, used in a distinctive 21mm forefoot stack heigh. The new tooling system comprises an ultra-light, ultra-resilient Nike ZoomX midsole and a unidirectional carbon fiber plate, with an athlete-optimized stiffness profile. 

There's also a 9mm offset, designed to minimize Achilles strain, and the unique "scooped-shaped" geometry of the carbon fiber plate provides a feeling of forward motion, along with bending stiffness, tuned to improve stride-by-stride efficiency.

Great things come from innovative ideas. And we think this shoe may be the future for long-distance and competitive running. Let us know what you think about these. We’re fans already. 


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