Top Shelf: Bugatti 57T Concept

Back to the grill again. We get a lot of love for our car posts, so the pressure is always on to showcase something spectacular and next-level. There are so many great vehicles out now to highlight, so we always sift through as many as possible to find a great one, before posting. Today we have one that we’re sure will inspire our car-fanatics out there. 

Artist Arthur B. Nustas and Bugatti are looking to revive the classic Type 57T with this new futuristic concept, which still pays homage to the manufacturer’s storied past. The design in turn combines the signature curved doors of the Chiron with the classic two-tone colorway that has been a Bugatti staple for years.

The 57S chassis has then been modernized to fit the times, while the concept also welcomes a contemporary headlamp redesign, triangular-shaped radiator and elongated hood. The supple leather interior then perfectly coincides with the overall luxe look of the vehicle. We’re beyond impressed with this model, let us know what you think. 


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