Tech & Toys: Shinola Canfield In-Ear Earphones

Flipping it to the tech side of things, we thought we’d show some love to one of our new favorites. And as music lovers, we all need a great pair of headphones to roll around with. So instead of keeping the secret to ourselves, we wanted to get into something we think you’d want to hear about, if you love your music as crispy as we love ours. 

In all honesty, those headphones you get every time you get a new phone are pretty terrible. When you see people out on the street with those things dangling perilously in their ears, screeching out tinny sound of whatever music their trying to enjoy, you just feel bad for them.

That’s because in-ear headphones may be the way to go. And Shinola’s new Canfield in-ear monitors are definitely some of the best in the field. We’ve tested these and can attest to their greatness. The Detroit design company has developed and tuned the hardware in partnership with engineers at Campfire Audio to give a rather tasty 8.5MM Beryllium dynamic driver to give a rich, authentic sound. 

With the in-ear memory foam cushioning that just gets you, bass notes are deep and robust while higher ones come out clear and crisp. There’s also an in-line microphone for vocal clarity and reduced environmental noise for when your phone starts acting like a phone. Here’s some stats: total harmonic distortion is less than 1%; impedance stands at 1.5Ω @ 1KHZ; efficiency is 115 DB SPL/V @1KHZ; sound pressure level is 104 DB.

You really can’t go wrong with these. Pick up your pair at Canfield’s online store.



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