Design: Josh Sperling’s “Two Purple Tigers” Exhibition

Design pretty much runs our lives and keeps us inspired way more than we’d care to admit. And with there being so many creative artists out there bringing their creations to life for all of us to enjoy, we feel it’s our duty to spread appreciation for not only the work, but also the effort that’s gone into it. 

New York-based artist Josh Sperling has opened a new solo exhibition at Perrotin in Seoul, South Korea. Titled “Two Purple Tigers,” the exhibit displays a number of Sperling’s signature canvases, stretched into complex forms that play with dimension, color, and configuration.

In the pics above, you can catch a glimpse of some of the major works on display. Each shaped canvas is crafted with layer upon layer of plywood, which the canvas is then stretched over before it’s painted. Ridges are left visible, lending texture and dimension to each piece.

Sperling’s geometric forms will be on display at Seoul’s Perrotin gallery from November 22nd until December 30th. We’re intrigued. 

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