Fly Season: Adidas Originals By Originals X LUKER By NEIGHBORHOOD - Harris Tweed Biker Jacket + Pants

The B'ness..

Disenchanted by the social norm, LUKER By NEIGHBORHOOD, the new apparel label by Japanese designer Shinsuke Takizawa reflects the anarchist agenda from the 1970s. A spin-off from the highly successful NEIGHBORHOOD line, which largely focus on Americana and its outlaw biker counter culture, LUKER By NEIGHBORHOOD (deduced its name from Sex Pistols’ Filthy Lucre Tour) derive its design theme across “the pond”, from the punk movement at its infancy. This coming season, however, the brand is taking a slight detour decidedly.

With the help of Kazuki Kuraishi, LUKER By NEIGHBORHOOD will be launching a capsule collection in conjunction with adidas Originals by Originals project. The new range will feature styling more towards classic American sportswear as well as Takizawa’s old stomping ground of American outlaws. This includes a biker jacket and pants set, both imprinted with emblems from both labels. Done in the tradition of biker jacket, cropped with belts at the waist line, the LUKER By NEIGHBORHOOD Bike Jacket imported a slight British tradition with its composition in premium Harris Tweed. The biker pants also underwent an adjustment in material and bonding, with hints of Kazuki Kuraishi’s technical elements incorporated. Both will be available in the coming months at LUKER By NEIGHBORHOOD retail points.

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