Top Shelf: Cigarette Racing X Ducati – 2,200 BHP 42X Boat


Already a dominating force on the tarmac, Ducati plans to continue their dominance away from the asphalt. Their reign in the MotoGP and World Superbike series is a well known story and they have extended their interest in automotive arena with AMG and their apparel line will be released in partnership with Diesel. If those ventures are not enough, Ducati recently launched the special edition 42 foot speed boat with luxury race boat builder, Cigarette Racing.

The 42X Ducati Edition produces a neck snapping 2,200 bhp from a pair of Mercury Racing engines which produces 120+ mph on the water. On top of that the boat is equipped with a custom sound system by JL Audio and Ducati upholstery in red and white colors.

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