Top Shelf: Ultraluxum CXL - Luxury Sailing Trimaran (Designed by McLaren Applied Technologies)


Already an unlikely partnership between a watchmaker, a yacht designer, and a fashion model, the Monaco-base ULTRALUXUM Yachting now includes Formula 1 racing specialist McLaren as one of its associates. All set to play a role in the development of the ULTRALUXUM CXL Luxury Sailing Trimaran.

Designed to be around 48 meters, or 157 feet, long, and clad in epoxy resin, carbon fiber, and polyurethane foam core, the ULTRALUXUM CXL is a state-of-the-art vehicle bred for speed. Its also luxurious with stately quarters, sunbathing deck, Jacuzzi hot tub, various accompaniments for water sports, even a car garage. But what really set the ULTRALUXUM CXL apart from the rest is the unique feature designed by McLaren and the company’s Applied Technologies division. It will be one of the first sea-going vessel to be have retractable outer hulls. 

Functions much like a rear wing on a car, the two outer beams stabilize the trimaran in open water. But when speed is in need, the beams retracts to an almost single hull silhouette. With mast at full plus the various powerplants offer, such as diesel engine or a hybrid version of both electric and diesel, the yacht is capable of a cruising speed of 15 knots.

ULTRALUXUM is now welcoming purchase inquiries with a possible price of $35 million dollars per vessel, not including the McLaren MP4-12C in the garage. 

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