Top Shelf: Porsche 911 Carrera 4S - 5 Million Facebook Fans Edition

Having hit five million followers on Facebook, Porsche gave its fans the chance to provide input on a special edition 911 Carrera 4S dubbed the 5M Porsche 911. Done in a unique Aquablaumetallic color from Porsche Exclusive, the car sits atop white-and-pinstripe 20-inch Carrera S wheels while an emblem proclaiming the car to be the 5M edition runs along the side. On the dashboard lies the somewhat paradoxical engraving, “Personally Built by 5 Million Porsche Fans.”
In addition, the 5M 911 has an Aerokit Cup that delivers a new front apron style with a distinctive spoiler lip in the front and a fixed wing on the rear spoiler. The design was intended to boost the down-force on both axles, allowing the car handle better at faster speeds. Furthermore, the special edition 911 also features blue illuminated panels on the inner-door sill guards.

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