Fly Season: Brixton 2013 Fall Lookbook


Winter is NYC is always serious! And runnin’ around the city trying to find good quality skullies, has always been a bit of a mission for those of us who care about style and comfort. A couple years back, I would always find myself in Blades Skateshop in Soho in NY. That’s where I first started buying hats from Brixton. They looked cool, but simple enough to look relaxed in. Since then, I’ve probably copped about 12-15 of their hats, and have never been disappointed. I just really dig the brand and what they put out. 

Brixton‘s interests has stretched in recent times though, away from just hats. Inspired by counterculture, music, skateboarding and those who partake in such endeavors, Brixton’s offerings reflect personal narratives from those who founded the brand, conveying their lifestyle through unique interpretations. Its 2013 fall lookbook displays their integrity in full force, where timeless staples like plaid button-ups, raglan shirts and khaki bottoms live amid modern jacket iterations. Employing a brash DIY appeal with clean cut finishes, Brixton presents another unfaltering line for 2013 fall.
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