Architecture: Garage of the Bears by Openbox Architects


I remember being a kid and swearing that once I got older, I’d just hit stores and buy all of the toys that I wanted, so that I could just put them on display in the mansion I’d be living in somewhere. I’ve kinda been able to do this with comic books, but I retired from the toy dream…sorta. :)

Built to occupy a small piece of land near an existing home in Bangkok, Openbox Architects recently designed an amazing garage to house a collection of cars, other collectibles and a small living room with a wine cellar. The entrance of the garage was framed, kept to minimal scale and decorated by an earthy tone and texture of asphalt shingle cladding. 

Once through the entrance, the ceiling gradually heightens towards the rear. The back wall showcases an impressive collection of Be@rbrick collectibles that is continued on the left side wall. The right side of the garage is mainly occupied by cars and paintings, lighting on this side is mainly spotlights on hanging tracks to provide the most flexibility. To finish off the space, a wine room was added for the occupants to sit back and appreciate the collections.



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