Architecture: Txai House by Studio MK27

Resting roughly 13 meters above sea level, Txai House by Studio MK27 boasts a breathtaking ocean view, located in the northeast of Brazil. Brazilian architecture is undeniably prevalent throughout the two-story home, with the exterior showcasing multiple colorful hues. 

The large living room is settled on the first floor, as well as the kitchen, with both rooms extending to a sizable veranda that has been comprised of wood and also features a utility area and a washroom. A breathtaking infinity pool can be found just beyond said veranda, as the roof of the first floor then highlights an open, wooden deck that provides for magnificent views of the ocean.

Each of the bedrooms can be found on the second floor, with the separate floors being connected only externally, as a garden acts as the exterior passageway between floors. The bathrooms extend from the roof and are all open to the outside.


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