Kicks Flow: Nike x Tom Sachs - Mars Yard 2.0

Sometimes, we get goodies up here from some of our favorite brands and we’re compelled to post about how great they are. Now, this doesn’t mean we post about everything we’re gifted, but it does mean that if we do highlight something we’ve received, then it’s really an awesome piece of work that needs to be spotlighted. 

Back in 2012, Nike and Tom Sachs collaborated on a shoe for Tommaso Rivellini, a mechanical engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. While utilizing the same material Rivellini used to invent airbags for Mars rovers, they then found out that the sneaker “breaks like a paper clip” when folded too much in the same spot.

“We put it through all of the usual Nike tests,” Sachs notes, “but we discovered an unknown unknown.” Years later, a second and more improved version of the Mars Yard will be releasing, aptly dubbed the Mars Yard 2.0. The shoe is scheduled to arrive today at Nike and Sachs’s “Space Camp” in NYC. The event includes an obstacle course, based on various physical and mental exercises that Sachs does with his team three times a week, and a film screening, all while detailing the importance of failure in art and athletics (and in outer space).

Word is, the Mars Yard 2.0. will be retailing for $200 USD. We say these are a pair you should surely consider copping. 


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