Design: Louis Vuitton's Luxe Billiards Set

Design is everything these days. And we subconsciously gravitate towards things that we find aesthetically pleasing. They can be anything from natural items like flowers or a sunset, to more material items, such as clothing and cars. With London Fashion Week Men’s FW18 currently going, and with Louis Vuitton scheduled to debut its presentation in the upcoming Paris Fashion Week, the luxury imprint’s menswear creative director Kim Jones, has provided a teaser of one of its offerings that’ll definitely garner the attention it deserves.

Taking to social media indicating that the men’s show is only several days away, the accompanying image that Jones uploaded on Instagram reveals a closeup of an LV billiards table in red and white, detailed with a monogram flower pattern, while the entire ball set are all highlighted by LV motifs. The cue ball’s pristine makeup flaunts the fashion house’s insignia for a truly luxurious and clean finish.

If you’re feeling stylishly buoyant and if you’re in the market for a cool and fashionable pool set, we think this one might work nicely for you when it comes out. 

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