Tech & Toys: Bang & Olufsen's 4K OLED TV & BeoLab 50 Speaker

We’re back, and better than ever. There was so much content that we wanted to post for the first post back. Sneakers, architecture, vehicles, etc. But we thought it would be cool to bring everything back with tech first. And with so many new things being created lately, we felt this would be a great place to start back up. 

After unveiling the BeoVision Eclipse last year, Bang & Olufsen introduces a new iteration of the OLED 4K television, along with the BeoLab 50 loudspeaker rendered in a “Brass Tone and Smoked Oak” colorway.

Exuding timeless elegance and pure luxury, the BeoVision Eclipse boasts brass-tone aluminum on the motorized floor stand, as well as the side and rear of the audio center, making the TV sound and look beautiful from all angles. To complete the experience, the BeoRemote One BT Netflix version has been designed in brass-tone also, while the speaker cover on the front is handmade in smoked oak wood.

In addition, the BeoLab 50 speaker has been carefully anodized in a brass-tone including the motorized acoustic lens, appearing when the loudspeaker is switched on, as well as the unique beam width control, controlling sound dispersion. The brass-tone is complemented by the smoked oak wood overlay on the side of the speaker.

The BeoLab 50 Brass Tone and Smoked Oak loudspeaker is now available in Bang & Olufsen stores, while the BeoVision Eclipse Brass Tone and Smoked Oak TV will be available during the end of May. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to hear audio on one of their systems, then you know they’re all worth every cent. We recommend checking these out when they hit stores and online. 

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