Dopeness: Mercedes-Benz AMG Surfboard

The latest Mercedes-Benz to top our wish lists actually doesn’t have an engine, wheels, or a luxurious cabin. Also known as the “Silver Arrow of the Seas,” the latest MB is actually an AMG-inspired Surfboard, which the German brand is making in very limited numbers with the help of surfer Garrett McNamara and advertising agency BBDO

Much like their road-bound vehicles, the surfboard is made to move fast and offer peak performance, which in this case means being shaped to ride the huge waves of Nazare Canyon off the coast of Portugal, where McNamara surfed a wave that topped out at 78-feet in 20011. The board also features a built-in telemetry system to track performance for the rider. With one going to McNamara, you’ll have to fight hard to get your hands on one of the last three to be produced.

Purposefully Fresh..

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