Models & Freshness: Gisele Bundchen (Nino Munoz)

Mo' fresh!!

Yeah, we had to show a lil' more love to the great supermodel herself, Gisele Bundchen. This is just some cool photography, courtesy of Nino Munoz. So peep the pics, and expect to see more of Ms. Bundchen on AA in the near future. Y'all know we just can't resist. :)


Dopeness: Louis Vuitton & Takashi Murakami Toys


One of our favorite lines and easily our current favorite Japanese artist have collaborated on a new limited edition line of plush toys. You can purchase the plush toys from Cliff Edge.

Pretty damn cool..



Fly Season: Adidas Forum & Def Jam (Young Jeezy)

Ok, we occasionally show some favoritism around here, lol!!

Hip Hop’s greatest record label, Def Jam celebrates their 25th anniversary this year – a true feat for a genre of music that has been supposedly dying for the last ten years! To commemorate this massive milestone, adidas have jumped on board to release a collection of kicks utilizing artists from the label’s past and present roster.

Having cemented their allegiance with Def Jam back in the ‘80s (thanks to Russell Simmons and Run DMC) adidas continues to pay respect to Hip Hop’s finest including Young Jeezy aka the Snowman. The ex-Boyz In The Hood rapper cops the adidas Forum Mid complete with stark black uppers, slime ‘macaw’ green pops and gold accents. You can cop yours now from our good mates at Extra Butter.


Dopeness: Supra Skytop - Gold & Black

Mo' new sheeeiiit!!

Y'all know we luh them Supras!! Supra keeps churning out the skate-slash-fashionista sneakers with their new line of NS kicks. With a fresh new season about to drop, the Cali kids have cut and polished the uppers of their signature Skytop and blended in a touch of class with satin gold accents and inners. Cop yours now at all good Supra outlets. If you're in NYC, check Atrium in Soho, for a pair o' these.

Niiiice!! Get Yours..


Fly Season: G-Shock & Phantaci

Just keepin' up with that flyness..

Once again G-Shock has worked with the boutique PHANTACi as part of their Shock The World Campaign. The two worked on two G-Shock DW-6900 watches, which will be released at a party along with a matching t-shirts, which were nicely packaged in wooden boxes. The event will take place on August 6th and artwork by Hiroaki Shitano and Kazuki will be on display as well.

Gotta love how well G-Shock's are doin', the demand is gettin' wild. So keep your eye out for more of these kinda collabos, and cop a couple if you can, you won't regret it!!



Fly Season: Mosley Tribes & Hellz Bellz Sunglasses

Straight stuntin'..

Today we can give you an interesting first look at an upcoming collaboration. While walking through (capsule) show NYC this week we came across the new Mosley Tribes & Hellz Bellz collaboration sunglasses. The two brands worked on two pairs for Spring 2010, one coming in a classic brown, the other one in a black/red colorway. Apparently the “nose bridge” is removable, but more on that when we get closer to the release.

Get yourself a pair o' these, if you can find them.


Dopeness: Bape & Ghostbusters

Who you gonna call? Sorry, couldn't resist..

The 3rd installment of the Bape & Ghostbusters collaboration is coming to stores this weekend. The new t-shirts feature the Ghostbusters logo, Slimer and Baby Milo. They will be coming with matching mugs. The t-shirts and mugs will be coming in black and white colorways, with the black colorway being exclusive to the Bape US stores (NYC and LA).

Very cool, folkers!! 1..


Wow: BMW S.X Concept Car

We had to do it!!

Our love for BMW is just too crazy for words. So when we saw the new concept car that the good people over at BMW cooked up, we knew we had to post the details, just outta bein' Beamer groupies, lol.

The BMW S.X concept by designer Iulian Bumbu, a graduate of the Transportation Design Course at the Scuola Politecnica di Design (SPD) in Milan. This BMW S.X Concept represents the next generation luxury sports coupe from BMW could look like. And it would be well positioned to take over where the current 6 Series BMW. This design has high-mount brake lights incorporated into the edges of the rear window and the lateral vents located just behind the front wheels.

Straight illness!! 1..

Dopeness: Nixon Fall 2009 Collection

Get Yours!!

Y'all know watch season is in full effect right now. So we'll continue to showcase what we see as fresh, until "long sleeve season" comes back around, lol.

We take a look at the first new styles coming from Nixon for Fall 2009. The brand does not have many competitors in their price class and does a great job of keepin' this niche of mid priced watches for the younger generation to them. We really like the minimalist approach the brand is taking this Fall. The watches remind us a little of the Braun watches from the 80’s. Minimalist design, classic colors, yet a sense of modernism. New models this season include The Chronicle, The Mellor and The Newton Digital.

Nice! 1..


Models & Freshness - Bar Rafaeli in GQ

You already know..

Quick shout to the good people over at GQ. Bar Rafaeli is BACK on AA!! Bar's kinda like our go-to-model for hot and sexy shoots. We can always count of her to be a part of some really quality photography, so it's only right that we continue to show her love.

Don't drool on that keyboard! 1..

Dopeness: Ray-Ban 2009 Colors Collection

It ain't right, unless you're stuntin'..

Ray-Ban presents their 2009 Ray-Ban Colors Collection and infuses some color into their classics. The Outdoorman, Aviator, Wayfarer and Clubmaster 2 frames by the brand get the color treatment for Summer 2009 and get you ready for the beach.

You're welcome..


Fly Season: Moncler Gamme Beu Fall/Winter 2009 Collection

Get ahead of the game, folkers!!

After much anticipation, the first pieces from the Thom Browne designed Moncler Gamme Bleu Fall/Winter 2009 Collection have been released. The brand has been on the up for a couple of seasons now and impresses with this new range once again. Thom Browne added some much needed casual style to the brand, making it also off the ski piste a hit.

Classic materials and colors mixed with modern cuts make up the line. First releases includes gloves, beanies, scarfs, as well as puffy vests and jackets, that the brand is so well known for. The Moncler Gamme Bleu Fall/Winter 2009 Collection is now available at Colette.

You've been told!! 1..

Pretty Cool: Incase Uniform Experiment 13″ MacBook Case

This one's for the Mac heads..

Incase gets together with Uniform Experiment to collaborate on two laptop sleeves. The sleeves come in blue/white and in blue/green colorways and fit the 13″ MacBook. Look out for a release soon. Via Tetsuya Suzuki.

Cool stuff there! 1..

Fly Season: Nike SB Eugene Backpack

Peace to The Swoosh crew!!

Swoosh fanatics rejoice!! Behold the Nike SB Eugene Backpack. The Eugene model is the most technical in the Nike SB luggage range and also one of our favorites so far. Now it comes in an all red tonal colorway and we like it. The backpack is now available at Shelter.

That's lookin' pretty fly for Summer. If you need a backpack that's simple, but has personality, this one is definitely a good cop. Get yours!! 1..

Dopeness: Martin Margiela Fall Single Lens Sunglasses

Pretty damn fresh..

This season, nonconformist Martin Margiela offers an outlandish take on a Ray-Ban Shooter style sunglass frame. All I can think of is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas meets welding mask. Colette says it’s a piece “just like his creator; atypical, playful, unique!” If those words describe you, and you think you can pull this off, they’re now available in two colors at Colette.

Nice!! 1..

Models & Freshness: Kate Moss in French Vogue

Right, right..

Y'all know we got nothin' but love for Kate Moss, so it's only right that we showcase a few of the pics from the French Vogue that she's in. She's probably one of our favorite models of this era, so we always like to show that love and see what she's been hittin'.

Salute!! 1..


Fly Season: Nike Mr. Cartoon/Footscape X Livestrong

Thank us later!

I remember gettin' my first pair of Mister Cartoon-designed Nike's, a few years back. I was gassed, no lie, 'cause I knew the pair I had was like 1 of 300. That's a pretty cool feelin', knowin' that you won't see too many cats rockin' a pair of kicks that you just got your hands on. Well, the people over at Nike, have a couple new kicks about to drop, that you should keep your eyes on.

In keepin' with the theme of the LIVESTRONG pack, the next 'stage' of Lance Armstrong's Nike project will begin releasin' from Friday July 10th. The AM90 will release on the 10th followed closely by the Mr Cartoon Air Force 1 and Hide Out Footscapes the next day, Saturday July 11th. The insane LIVESTRONG Firefly jacket will be released Monday July 13th. Not bad..

Get yours, folkers!! 1..

Dopeness: Nike Sportswear T-Shirt Gun

Lick a shot!!

The Swoosh never stops gettin' busy. And with this new t-shirt gun, you can do all kinds of unnecessary bustin' off (pause), at either a ballgame or wherever shootin' t-shirts is justified.

Nike Sportswear recently released a great new commercial featurin' an innovative t-shirt gun. Mixing humor and CGI, St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson witnesses Nike snowboarders Matt Ladley and Travor Jacob testing it out first hand. And they’re actually sellin' it. Promising to be better than any gun you’ll find in a stadium or arena, each T-Shirt Gun is numbered and engraved with the signature of a Nike athlete. Priced at $1500 and now available (but already sold out!) at Nike.

Load the clip, and clap!! 1..

Dopeness: Supra Skytop Keychain


Y'all know we always show love to the good people over at Supra HQ. This is just a pretty cool accessory, from a line we always try to showcase, when they drop somethin' new.

Supra has produced a keychain version of their barrier breaking Skytop sneaker. Each keychain comes packaged in a small pouch within a miniature Supra box. Available now in three colors – silver, gold and black – at Premier.

Righteous!! 1..


Fly Season: Adidas AZX ZX700Y

The 3 Stripes strike again!!

Adidas has finally released the 'Y' sneaker (as designed by 'YOU') in the AZX series of 2008. With the trefoil trippers holding an open competition giving the public the chance to design the final sneaker to drop in the series, we can finally reveal the winner below. ‘The ZX700 features silhouettes of landmark architecture from across the globe against a pure white premium leather upper. The hidden feature is in the toe-box section which has a reflective finish with perforated and tumbled leathers adding attention to detail.’ Feelin' it? Then cop your pair at Hanon.

Definitely get your pair of these!!


Wow: Louis Vuitton Speedy Concept Store

Props to HS on the pic.

Just a pretty insane visual here, for all the LV fans and addicts out there.

We are a little late with images on this pop-up, but you can still go check it out until tomorrow. As part of their 100th anniversary celebrations Selfrdiges worked with Louis Vuitton on the Speedy Concept Store. The Speedy is one of the better known Louis Vuitton bag styles and for the occasion they created some great installations, using hundreds of bags.



Dopeness: G-Shock DW-6900 July 2009 Releases

Y'all know what time it is!!

Back on our watch grind again. And we got some pretty cool pieces to showcase, via the G-Shock family. And that family's always popular 'round these parts.

The classic G-Shock DW-6900 comes this month with the new Multiband technology in two new colorways. The white is a little more subtle and comes with both black and purple accents. The alternative colorway is yellow, which is a good one for the hot months of the year. Both are now available at e-casio.

Get yours!!



Throwback Classic: Joe Jackson - Steppin' Out

This joint is so CLASSIC!!

This is an 80's joint, but it's just one of those tracks that I always felt, for whatever reason. Real talk, I think the 80's had the best music, for every genre. But this song is one that I always liked, because it has that old 80's feel to it. I'm still bangin' this track on the iPod, don't sleep.

Rock on, folkers!!


Models & Freshness: Joell Kayembe

This M&F is SO necessary, people!

Meet Joell Kayembe, now, I'm not gonna front like I knew who she was, as I just got put up on her (no pun intended), two days ago. Either way, she's pretty damn fly and we just had to throw her on here to show our appreciation for her beauty.

She's a Congolese-born South African model best known for her role as a suitcase model in the game show Deal Or No Deal. And has appeared in Ludacris’s Pimpin All Over The World music video, she was a finalist in the International Supermodel 2005 competition in China and is included as a Global Honey on SKY TV in the UK.

Who knew? LOL! Damn, we gotta stop sleepin'..


Models & Freshness: Lady Gaga in Maxim

Thank us later!

Chicks dig her style, but we just think she's straight up SEXY!!

Gaga was kinda like the underdog when she came into the game. Not only in regard to labels sleepin' on her hit makin' ability, but people really slept on her sexiness too. And I don't know exactly when it happened, but all of a sudden, she just started lookin' kinda hot in both her videos and in magazine spreads. This one above is from Maxim, and it pretty much sells itself. Go out and support that issue. Nothin' else needs to be said.


The Cool: Frank Sinatra

We thought it was only right to salute, one of the coolest to ever do it!

That's right, Frank Sinatra!!

I had a film class in HS, and we had to do a report on The Manchurian Candidate (1961). In just watchin' the flick, I thought dude was pretty damn cool. I was only about 14, but I thought if I could be half as cool as this guy, I'd be aight, lol. From that point on, I started doin' a lil' more homework on Sinatra, and I was pretty impressed with how much influence this guy had durin' his time.

From his classic music to his classic films, the controversial relationships he supposedly had with organized crime figures, down to his political presence...his legacy is somethin' to be admired. He's got his own postal stamp, post office named after him, and his own day (May 13th)!! You get all of that, you're definitely cool in our book. Salute!!

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