Classic Music: Antlife's Top 25 Hip Hop Albums of All-Time #20 (Scarface "The Last Of A Dying Breed") (2000)

Face Mob!! When somebody has a few classic albums, it’s always hard to pick one that could be seen as their “best”. This pick could have easily been Scarface’s The Diary too, but The Last Of A Dying Breed was the very first Scarface album that I bought, and the one that really made him one of my favorite MC’s of all-time. I definitely went back and copped all of his other albums, and copped the ones that followed too, but this one was the album that cemented him as one of my favorites. I always looked up to the greats who were able to paint pictures with their rhymes, and I don’t think you’ll find anybody that does that better than ‘Face. This album wasn’t “officially” a concept album, but the theme was very consistent and ‘Face’s outlook on both life and law enforcement felt more like a class or lesson, than just a Hip Hop album.

The production was dope, as always, and the lyrics really brought you into his world and almost forced you to see things the way that he did. It’s one of those albums that you can listen to from start to finish without any skips, but also walk away from with a different perspective on both friendships and on living your life righteously, even when people don’t think you are or can. I changed the way I approached my writin’ after I got this album, and it’ll always be one of the most influential albums that I ever bought. You should definitely own every Scarface album, but if you don’t, this album is probably the best one to start with. Run out and cop this classic, and get the rest of the legend’s work!



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