Top Shelf: DUCATI – DIAVEL “Breathless In 2.6 Seconds”


Derived by Bolognese dialect for the word “Devil”, the new DUCATI DIAVEL is certainly an incarnation of something baneful and beastly. Just like how the DUCATI MONSTER ushered in the naked bike craze to motorcycle’s main stream culture, the company is betting DIAVEL to do the same for the cross-eyer category. Conceived by designer Bart Jassen-Groesbeek, who had a part in the revamped Yamaha V-Max, the original Street Fighter, the DIAVEL boasts a 1,198 cc V-Twin with a more-than-ample output of 162 horsepower.

Enough ponies to outdo most sub-compact of the 4-wheel kind, DUCATI claimed a time of 0 to 60 mph at only 2.6 seconds,just enough for you appreciate a blurring visage of it and a testament to the reason people called DUCATI as “Ferrari on 2 wheels”.
Photography: Ducati
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