Random News: BMW - The Final M3 Coupe?

Definitely a sad day here at AA. Grab your tissues now. Say it isn’t so, BMW, say it isn’t so. Unfortunately for Bimmer lovers the world ’round, you’re looking at the last M3 Couple to weave its way through the automaker’s assembly line. Looking rather proud considering the occasion in a bright orange colorway, this final edition of the performance two-door marks the end of an era, even if the change is the result of a name change where, while the M3 badge will live on in sedan form, all future Coupes and Convertibles will now fall under the new 4 Series umbrella. Saying M4 instead of M3 will take some getting used to, but the car’s same smooth ride, powerful engine, and appealing sticker price will all help to ease the transition. 
In addition to pictures of its ride down the assembly line, BMW has also released pictures from a recent trip down memory lane with a look back at the E30 through to the E92, each able to find fans across the generations. Fans won’t have to wait long to see the new M4, however, which is expected to appear at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, with an in-line six paired with turbochargers and a host of other new performance upgrades. 

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