Architecture: Mirador de Abrante by Jose Luis Bermejo Martin


Architecture is one of those things that really allows one to express themselves in ways that honestly see no limit. It’s art, but imagine being able to live within a customized masterpiece. How would you build it? And where? This section of AA has grown to be so popular, and every post seems to generate even more interest. The mind of an architect is amazing. Being able to create something from nothing, that’s what art is all about and what keeps us coming back for more. 

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the tip of Tenerife, the Mirador de Abrante lookout sits 620 meters above sea level on the island of La Gomera in the Canary Islands. The structure serves as an observation point that houses tourist information, a cafe and a cantilevering lookout that hangs 5 meters over the edge of a cliff with a 200 meter drop to the beach below. 

Supported by a concrete floor beam, the lookout is encased in glass including a transparent floor for fully unobstructed views. The building consists of reinforced concrete walls contrasted with folded metal panels in angular shapes, while 3,150 square meters of red brick and red dirt landscaping complement the cliff face and surrounding area.



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