Architecture: Villa In The Sky by Abraham John Architects

The architecture label continues to be one of our most popular sections on AA. People just love to see great homes, and it’s always really cool to find something that you’d love to share and get opinions on. This is one of my favorite labels on the site too, and it’s just inspiring to see what people have done with design. We can all dream, right?

Mumbai’s a busy place, so you can understand why someone might want to rise above the hubbub of street-level and enjoy a little sanctuary in the sky. This spectacular open-plan penthouse apartment features a sleek, contemporary interior beset with rustic hardwood beams and verdant plant life to create a space that’s at once both modern and aged. While beautiful inside, the highlight of the property is surely the view, which stretches from the balcony all the way to the Arabian sea – a whole world away from the busy city below. So crazy!

Purposefully Fresh..

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