Top Shelf: BMW Concept Roadster

We definitely don’t stop with the love for the BM’s. Some of us love sedans, some coupes, some SUV’s, but you’ll always know someone that just goes crazy for bikes. And whether you knew it or not, BMW makes some of the illest bikes out there right now. Consider yourself put on.

Unexpected, but not the least bit disappointing, BMW took to the annual Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este around the Lake Como in Italy, to present a two-wheeled concept, rather than a new four-wheeled one, simply entitled BMW Concept Roadster. Classic and contemporary design meet future technology and the German brand shows what 90 years of motorcycle innovation can look like. 

The Concept Roadster comes with a 125 hp boxer engine and the low front versus a higher back, which makes the bike move even when its standing. Overall kept rather minimalist, the bike is mostly made of aluminum, keeping it light and agile.


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