Top Shelf: Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé Waterspeed Collection


I read something pretty wild one time. It said “it takes 6 months to make a Rolls-Royce and 13 hours to make a Toyota”. I may have butchered the quote a little, so maybe it takes a little longer to make a Toyota, but not much longer. You get the idea. Rolls-Royce unveils the Phantom Drophead Coupé Waterspeed collection featuring a number of exclusively-created Bespoke design and engineering features, executed to create a contemporary tribute to Campbell’s famous craft. The car is finished in a specially developed “Maggiore Blue” exterior paint, inspired by Bluebird’s famous color scheme. Nine layers of paint are applied before an exhaustive process of hand-sanding and the application of a cutting-edge powdered lacquer is undertaken to ensure an impeccable finish. 

For the first time in Rolls-Royce history, the exterior finish extends to the engine, creating a visually striking homage to the power behind Campbell’s records. The finish also adorns the car’s specially developed, fully-polished 11-spoke wheels for the first time, providing a subtle decorative accent. The exterior is completed with a hand-painted coachline that culminates in a Bluebird motif with the design taking Rolls-Royce’s master coachline painter four hours to apply by hand.

Phantom Drophead Coupé’s traditional teak decking to the rear makes way for brushed steel. Each piece of material is individually panel-beaten by hand for 70 hours following initial mechanical pressing. A Rolls-Royce craftsperson will then hand-brush the metal for over 10 hours – showcasing the fastidious attention to detail and commitment employed by Rolls-Royce. The car’s Maggiore Blue exterior finish is subtly echoed on the interior via accents on the dashboard that complement the Windchill Grey interior leather scheme.



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