Architecture: Nova Lima House by S+A Brazil


Brazil has seen some pretty major construction projects recently but the Nova Lima House by architects S+A Brazil could give a lot of them a run for their money. Not so much a house as a small private hotel, this vast residential complex sprawls out over four separate blocks, each with their own distinct purpose. 

Block one features no less than eight individual bedroom suites, along with a studio and restroom. Block two is made up of a home cinema and heated swimming pool. Block three includes the kitchen, spa and children’s play area. Meanwhile, block four is a staff quarters, and includes its own private residence. The tonal browns, ochres and umbers of the interior are achieved, in part, by the use of local Canga de Minérios stone, which features extensively throughout the walls of the property. 

This is complemented by luxurious hardwood flooring and a latticed metal roof laid with reflective glass panels to reduce sun glare. All it’s missing is its own football pitch.



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