Kicks Flow: Nike Air Tech Challenge Hybrid


This is the perfect way for us to come back at’cha. Growing up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan was perfect for being up on all of the best kicks back in the days. We had 3-4 really dope sneaker spots within a 10 block radius and they all had the newest stuff and even things you could barely find anywhere else. One of those kicks that used to rule back then, were dubbed “The Agassi’s” by us. And every time Nike re-releases a new version of it, I think back to when the originals were out and how very awesome they were.

With the Air Tech Challenge Hybrid, Nike takes cues from the past to bring its tennis inspired footwear to the future. The iconic features of the Air Tech Challenger II have been applied to a new hybrid design. The sneaker comes in a refreshing white leather version with hints of green glow, while the black version comes with varsity purple and rave pink details. 

Signature graphics from the ATC I, III, and IV can be found on the upper of the sneakers, reminding us of the Andre Agassi heritage. Priced at $130, the two Nike Air Tech Challenge Hybrids will release on July 19th.

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