Architecture: Karakoy Loft by Ofist

The Karakoy Loft by Ofist is a 180-square-meter penthouse belonging to a 45-year-old bachelor in the heart of Istanbul. Natural, neutral, comfortable and practical, the residence was designed to cater to the client’s outdoor personality despite being located in the center of the hip and active old neighborhood. To provide additional natural lighting and a view to the mezzanine, the previous small window openings on the front façade were enlarged and the new folding window frames slide the width of the building to transform the living room into a balcony. 

The overall design was kept as simple as possible since its layout was designed for a single person’s use. Standout design features of the home include a storage system comprised of iron rods climbing two floors and running the length of the house, a natural stone-covered floor, a floating staircase, a continuous ceiling of Iroko wood, a beautiful fireplace, and much more.


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