Dopeness: MEDICOM TOY X Star Wars - C-3PO 400% Kubrick

Cool, so cool..

MEDICOM TOY and Star Wars are back again with a bigger figure that will make any Star Wars fan excited. The C-3PO may not be the most famous of the Star Wars series however the human like robot is characteristic with his personality and unique walking style. So to honor this memorable golden robot, MEDICOM TOY have produced a 400% version with great attention to detail and realistic construction.

From the face to the body the molding is made precisely giving the figure a life and it looks as though it may just start to walk and come alive. The golden complexion is recreated well mimicking the original character with multi colored wires showing around the waist region. Collectors should definitely look out for this one as it is scheduled to release around late August 2010.

You know I love Star Wars..



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