Dopeness: Skull Candy X Roc Nation – Aviator Headphones


Not letting Dr. Dre get away with all the fun, Jay-Z’s Roc Nation has collaborated with lifestyle audio equipment maker Skullcandy to create the Rock Nation Aviator Headphones, and are determined to bring an unprecedented level of sonic experience to the world. The collaborative Aviator headphone aims to deliver amazing sound just as Roc Nation delivers the best live performances to its audience.

The Aviator headphone is designed with polycarbonate headphone cups, plush memory foam ear cushions and premium material seen on luxury eye wear. While the physical construction is nothing short of opulent in the true spirit of Roc Nation, Skullcandy has also incorporated premium audio components to create unparalleled clarity and phonic experience. In terms of aesthetics, the Aviator headphones feature triangular shaped ear cups, veering away from the traditional circular ones, and thus perhaps pays a tribute to the “Aviator” sunglasses shape. The headphones are co-branded and comes in three colorways– black, white and brown. The brown version features a translucent ear cup and gold frames, and hence looks extremely similar to aviator sunglasses.

These headphones will be arriving in stores this coming June, so do your music and favorite artists justice, and let their sound be delivered with clarity through your iPod.

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