Top Shelf: BMW Concept C


Think scooters are not manly enough, and the only place one can get away with zipping around on a nifty little two-wheeler is somewhere in Rome or the Bahamas? Think again. If it were illegal for scooters to be pumped up with steroids, the new BMW Concept C big scooter will be the first to be incarcerated.
The new BMW Concept C scooter is a new addition to the BMW Motorrad family, and while these have the weighty handling of a motorcycle, it also has the agility and comfort of a scooter. As “C” stands for “commuter”, BMW hopes to offer an alternative transportation for those living in the urban area, as well as an option for those considering returning to motorcycles after a long period of abstinence.
Need we go on to mention the aesthetics of this scooter, which is far from a meek Vespa, and more of something from TRON (the blue grooves on the wheels definitely helps with the reference). The tripartite front keeps the bike distinctly BMW; and last but not least, these scooters also feature two LCD monitors in the cockpit which reports all data such as road speed and engine speed, that the rider needs to know. via: BMW blog
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