Dopeness: ONE At Slam City Skates – KR3W + Supra Flagship Store London

Good Moola..

Once home of Rough Trade record store, the subterranean space of Slam City Skates seen legendary performances by likes of Pavement, Stereolab, PJ Harvey and more. It hosted the first London for the unlikely trio called Beastie Boys, while a second home to the Kurt Cobain when he’s in town. Now, after a quarter of century, the space will be home to a new set of talents. With help from pro skaters Chad Muska, Stevie Williams and Ali Boulala, the renowned basement of Slam City Skates opened this weekend as ONE at Slam City Skates, a special retail space curated by One Distribution of KR3W and Supra. To serve as the London flagship for both KR3W and Supra, the hidden storefront offers a hint of its storied past in the annal of music. In the meantime, Londoners now have a go to spot for hard to find KR3W or Supra merchandises. In part to its music heritage, the space will also be releasing special items throughout the year.



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