Some Otha Sh*t: The Crossover on Display


Growin’ up in NYC, it’s almost natural to be snatched up into the city’s Basketball culture. If you couldn’t play ball, somethin’ was wrong wit’cha. I grew up on playin’ Baseball, Little League type o things. Once I started playin’ ball though, everything changed. It became an obsession. I’m from the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and we have tons of parks, so that meant a lot of ball courts. Me and my crew spent summer after summer goin’ from court to court, tryin’ our best to destroy whatever competition was on the court that day. We used to hit all the best parks to play at. West 4th’s “Cage”, 98th Street and Amsterdam’s “GOAT Park”, 76th & Columbus, Riverside, 145th Street’s “Baby Rucker”, and of course the famed Rucker Park on 155th Street.

This same competitive spirit carried over into High School and also College. Basketball was everything for us. So when cats like Allen Iverson started makin’ the crossover popular, we naturally tried to make that move a part of our arsenals, as well. Was it necessary? Probably not, but it made for a lot o’ fun when playin’ ball. The Art of the Crossover is somethin’ that’s gotten kinda lost in today’s game, both on the NBA stage, AND at the collegiate level. So when this video popped up (courtesy of The New York Times), I thought it would be dope to spread the word on it, and school some people who may not be familiar with the greats who mastered that move, or the history of it. Peep the video and enjoy!




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