Classic Music: Masta Ace Incorporated "SlaughtaHouse" (1993)


All of my friends that I grew up with were addicts for music, Hip Hop music, mostly. All we talked about back then was new music, and what we liked and didn’t. It was, as it is today, our lives. I remember when Masta Ace dropped SlaughtaHouse back then. One of my boys had copped it on CD and was goin’ crazy for the album. I had seen the video for “Jeep Ass Niguh” and liked that track a lot, so I was definitely tryna hear what the whole album sounded like. I remember finally buyin’ it mad late, after everybody had already owned it, and being mad at myself for taking so long to get it. The album was and STILL is incredible! For cats like us back then who were all about graf’ and Hip Hop, we kinda felt like the album spoke to us. It was almost like we were connected to the subject matter.

The album itself was loosely conceptualized around mockin’ the “gangsta rap” scene that was pretty popular back then. We all thought that half of the so-called “gangstas and killers” we saw in those videos back then were actin’ anyway, so we really dug how Ace spoke on that, over the course of the album. SlaughtaHouse was just so well put together, from the skits and interludes, to the actual song sequence. It was a highly-slept on masterpiece, but a classic, no doubt. The production was ridiculous, and the lyrics, as expected, were all on point. My favorite tracks have always been “The Mad Wunz”, “Jeep Ass Niguh”, “Style Wars”, “Saturday Night Live”, “Boom Bashin’”, “Crazy Drunken Style” & “Ain’t U Da Masta”. It’s just a dope album that reminds me of my childhood, but I doubt any true Hip Hop head can deny how innovative Ace and company were with this album. It’s really stood the test of time. If you don’t own it, you should.


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